Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace, and gratitude.

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the barfing cow.

Two words: POLISH POTTERY. You should get some. Highlight of our morning oatmeal. Truly. Dare you not to giggle. Or throw up in your mouth a little. Depends on your gag reflex,

our farm now has a guinea pig.

When he was little, he used to call them “bennie pigs.” Now, I call our new guinea pig, “Holden.” Since he’s currently out on summer break, he needs to earn his keep.

virginia or pennsylvania?

A couple of weeks ago, Hank and I overheard the boys in the rabbitry discussing…geography? So we walked quietly nearer the door and listened. And then busted out laughing. The boys were

little by little.

Each day we learn more. The sweet personalities of our new goats. The tenaciousness of Otis the Farm Dog. The patterns of early morning light around our home. And little by little,

we finally told them.

Today, well this morning actually, was special for two big reasons. First, the boys got to take Sprite for their lunch drink. SPRITE. THIS HAS NEVER HAPPENED. Our halos are no longer
0503 MOL-047

the shift.

I’m a proponent of change. It’s never really bothered me. Well. That is mostly true…but sometimes a lie. I think it comes down to this: I understand change. I realize that when
And thank you for a house full of people I love. Amen.


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