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finding center.

I realized something a couple weeks ago in my first pottery class. I sat there during introductions, shrinking into myself because I was so very aware of what a novice I am.
0831 clarinet-038

it’s all your fault, amy.

TODAY! Oh my gosh TODAY! Today marks the most AWESOME EVER DAY for our 6th-grade kiddo. There has been a countdown for this day. Today is new clarinet day. And I have

the bottle babies.

When we started filling up our little farm space with animals, Hank and I decided that we would use our grandparents’ names (and crazy aunts and uncles as well) for goats. We
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kissin’ babies and savin’ ladies.

Two words: baby bunnies. Cutest things around. They’re cuddly, unbelievably soft, and super fun to kiss. And we have 15 of them. They’ll all be going to their new homes soon. This
0730 goats-006

whaaaaaat’s happening.

I have in mind to do a fancy newsletter about the ol’ homestead each month. You know, fancy color printing, cool packaging, hand-delivered and such. Don’t have a color printer, y’all, so
0816 1st day -009-Edit

bring on some awkward.

Every time I think it’s gonna happen, meh. Don’t you remember middle school? The pinnacle of gawkiness? The heyday of acne? The epitome of stink? What is wrong with my children? They’re¬†showering
And thank you for a house full of people I love. Amen.


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