August 18, 2014 : i’m not ready…

Not that school is or should be about me, but I’m just not ready, and I feel pretty much like this guy.

0818 4th grade-009


Some years I’ve been ready and on it and prepared and happy for them and such a chipper chicken, but this year, summer went by too quickly and we didn’t even get started with all of the things we should have done and places we should have gone.  Continue reading…

August 5, 2014 : just a bite.

The fellas have taken up dressing for dinner. Since our recent trip to North Carolina, we’ve all been enamored with manners and respectfulness and caring about how we present ourselves a little more; I love it.

Handsome shirts rule.

As does fantastic dinner conversation.

0804 fun-015

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July 28, 2014 : date night.

Last night, my main squeeze and I had a shooting date. He graciously waited as I set up our tripod, attached the remote, and then stood spot-to-spot while I looked for just the right light and just the right background to take some pictures of us, complete with “don’t move” and “step two big steps to your right”.

Thank you, babe, for always indulging me.

And P.S.: For those of you with this setup, it’s way more fun to set shots up like this with just you and your man out in a field somewhere. This super-secret tip could be bad for business, but we were loads less self-conscious about taking these ourselves! PDA rules! ;)

0727 h&m-008-Edit Continue reading…