March 3, 2015 : it’s official.

Even cats are susceptible to a foreign accent. Random truth? She was being ravaged by an Australian.

Sadly, we females are so predictable.

0303 presley-001

February 20, 2015 : southern charm

Last summer, Hank and I went to North Carolina for a long weekend getaway and absolutely fell in love with its charm. In fact, we became so smitten that we very nearly moved our little family there. All of its rich history and old farmhouses; the millwork; the manners…all of those things spoke our language, loud and clear.

We decided, with the help of our neighbor and friend, Kristi, owner of kd design studio, to infuse some of that gentile charm into our home. Kristi and I worked together on a whole house plan – including millwork ideas, paint colors, and furniture placement – that Hank and I could begin to implement and DIY over the next several months to couple of years. Last weekend, Hank built out our dining room’s board and batten wall.

Day One:

Lots of drawing and measuring, using Kristi’s diagram as a guide and reading up a little here.

0214 vday-021


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February 6, 2015 : community.

I love those connections that make this big old world feel like a little village.

Gina Bellman

There are people that we come across in life who just keep showing up. Not by their own intention, but by the grace of something else.

I met this woman as we bobbed around together in a pool, our bellies swollen with pregnancy as we tried to gain some comfort in the weightlessness that water can bring: Brief little respites from backaches and joint pain, and always with laughter and that bright-eyed anticipation of knowing we were going to meet our babies within a few months.

I saw her again when I taught a postnatal yoga class at our local recreation center, then again as our boys started Montessori together.

Now our kids are in the same karate class.

The big old world manages to tuck us into these small pockets of community, yes?

My “real home” is about an hour-and-a-half and one timezone away by plane. Hers is 31 hours and a few timezones across the world. She is one of the kindest women I’ve ever met.

This week, she invited me into her home for a little traditional Indian masala chai lesson.

0204 chai-001

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February 4, 2015 : first tracks.

He leapt out of bed with a loud, “IT’S SNOWING???”


After breakfast, homework, and chores, he dug out his gear and made first tracks in the backyard, chanting, “I wish I could ski to school…”

And around and around he goes.

0204 holden-006

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