happy random things. but they’re all about summer.

happy random things. but they’re all about summer.

I enjoy summer. I enjoy summer so very much that I believe Ben Harper wrote his song, “She’s Only Happy in the Sun” about yours truly (at least that line). Every morning, I open the shutters a little to make sure that the sun is already making shadows around the yard and on the street, and every evening we eat outside while loving that last peek of sunshine over the mountains. Some mornings I wake up and panic a little, wondering if I’m running out of summertime.

If it rains, it’s usually a warm rain that begs bare feet to run through the puddles it makes, but it doesn’t leave the air very muggy afterwards.

0621 garage sale-006

And the smell of freshly cut grass is one of the sweetest scents of all. 

Summer brings fruit. And not just any fruit, but really sweet, juicy, sticky fruit that’s being stolen off the counter as quickly as I can get it ready for little hands.

0629 misc-001


It also means water balloons. Lots and lots of water balloons. They are filled and thrown, chased as they roll away, and hidden up shirts and down pants and that’s only ok if you’re 5 or 9, btw.

water_balloonsThere are two things that our 9yo is very, very good at right now.

Talking, and filling water balloons. If I can’t find him from the talking sounds (which he’s mid-sentence in the photo below), I usually have no further to look than sandwiched between our air conditioner and the water hose caddy.



Summer chores never seem like chores to me, either. Pruning brings new life, and that instant restart makes me really happy. It reminds me that sometimes we put our efforts in different areas, depending on what we want our outcome to be. In order to bloom more and be robust and bloom longer? Prune. Or to reseed? Be patient, and let it dry out.

Today, I choose to prune.

0629 misc-012 0629 misc-011 0629 misc-016 0629 misc-015 0629 misc-013


And on days when the heat just seems too much, too intense, we head for shade. Today, we picked the library.

But as luck would have it, on our way, we were swept up along side the cyclists participating in the Ride for MS. Most notably, the man on the penny farthing.

See? Blooming and looming larger than life and with lots of effort, but inviting lots of smiles and happiness just to see him up there, riding his heart out.

0629 misc-018 0629 misc-021


THAT is about the coolest thing I’ve seen in a while. He didn’t even seem to mind this random girl jumping up and down yelling him on. (I can’t help it.)

And finally, that little library trip mentioned before. We rolled in, taught the 5yo some computer searching techniques, and watched him pick out six new books that he can “read in his head,” all about baseball.

Play ball.

0629 misc-022 0629 misc-023 0629 misc-024

0628 bball-001




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