a bit of a catch up day.

a bit of a catch up day.

Today is Day 2 of the Big Renovation. This means a lot of different things; most are good, a few are frustrating and inconvenient. The ball is rolling on everything inside – which is so exciting that I can hardly stand it – but I’m without my big computer that has my library of photos (an inconvenience). Hank is feeling the hurt on working half days in a coffee shop and half days at our local library and feeling without a place and unsettled, and that makes him less productive and a bit stressed. All in all, it’s so hard to keep ourselves away from the house during the day and just let our contractor and her crew do their thing.

Here’s how we’ve been amusing ourselves.

Taking LIVE rabbits out of the house that Presley the Cat brings home. She hasn’t been happy with us for releasing her gifts, but we’re not really that stoked to have them as part of our interior decor.

2015-07-20 06.18.47-1

2015-07-20 06.19.05-1

2015-07-27 07.42.33-2

Picking our countertops and cabinets. We chose quartz for our working island and other tops in the kitchen. We’ve had granite in the past, but think that quartz will hold up better to the way that we use our kitchen. Our incredibly resourceful contractor had a remnant from another job that we will use in our master bathroom, which helps our renovation budget A LOT.

2015-07-23 13.03.47

Cooking yard food. Since we’ve pulled out the kitchen appliances and sold the previous owner’s stove and range, we’ve been cooking in the yard. Hank’s an old pro at it between grilling and camping, so we haven’t felt a pinch there at all. What will be harder going forward is that we don’t have any faucets (other than the shower) working right now and I’m not sure that we will for a while. We might have to grab jugs of water when we’re able to get back in there later this week. We’ll figure it out.

2015-07-18 18.44.04-2

2015-07-28 08.27.43

2015-08-03 18.32.13-1

A little pre-demo demo. The boys were dying to tear something out, so we gave them the job of taking out the railings. It was way harder than they thought.

2015-07-28 13.14.05-1

2015-07-28 13.14.11-1

2015-07-28 13.14.24-1

2015-07-28 13.14.31-1

2015-07-28 13.14.37-1

Studying up on raising chickens. There’s so much to learn, and I love the idea of being able to use the chickens to go through compost and then help turn the garden over at the end of the growing season.

We also enjoyed a friend’s good fortune with her laying hens. Our older girls should start laying soon. Fingers crossed!

2015-08-02 15.02.27-2

2015-07-29 07.43.07-2

And finally, coming home at the end of Day 1 to see the kitchen gutted and carpet out, along with a couple of walls. Woo hoo! We ran to a Home Depot with our shopping list provided by our contractor, complete with a line item budget, and picked up toilets, sinks, faucets, towel holders, and ordered a tub.

2015-08-03 20.03.01-3

2015-08-03 21.12.14-1

2015-08-03 21.12.55-2

Next up, picking out tile for the kitchen backsplash, both bathrooms, and the utility room. Tile is hard for me. Lighting is easy peasy, but tile – OY!



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