Happy to see you.

I am a Pantier.

My husband and I started this blog, Internet light years ago, so our out-of-state families could watch our kids grow up in cyberspace.

It’s morphed a bit since then. Now it’s a documentary of the daily weirdness of whatever’s happening around our little farm, some delicious coffee talk, and the escapades of me – an experiential and life-loving photographer.

So as parents, we are wranglers of children (and goats, and chickens, and rabbits, and vegetables…). As individuals, we are a code slinger/outdoorsy mountain man and a coffee ninja/lifestyle memory maker.

Yet as a family? As a family we are lovers of life and … well … a whole lot of weird.

You probably are too, so welcome.

P.S. Wanna contact me? Send an email. Easy peasy.

Based in the Boulder, Colorado area.

Years Being a Farmer
Cups of Coffee
Happy Goats
Laying Chickens