best friends.

best friends.

Todd Helton the Cat is the first most awesome cat that I’ve ever had. Presley has become the second. While Presley is afraid of nothing and jumps in headfirst to everything, Todd Helton is an older, more crotchety critter who loves only me in this world. Well. I come in second after everything outside, but still. That’s pretty high on that cat’s list, I think.

Squiggy the Chicken is the best Chicken TV.

Todd Helton is skittish about two things in this world: Ceiling fans…and Squiggy.

Squiggy chases both cats, but is mostly curious about Todd Helton. She follows him all over the yard and he tries to pretend that she is boring.

0727 farm-003-Edit

This is his, “You have GOT to be kidding me” look. We get it a lot.

0727 farm-006-Edit

But the more put out with her he was, the more he flicked his tail, and the more curious she was.

Aw. Best friends.

0727 farm-008-Edit


P.S. This pile of rubble that they’re sitting on will soon be gone. We’re in the throes of a major clean up and haul out around here. :)




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