the very blustery day. and more singing.

the very blustery day. and more singing.

We had only a few “must see’s” on our recent trip to the Central Oregon Coast, and one that topped my list was to tour a lighthouse at Yaquina Head. Mostly, I wanted to tour it because early in its existence, it was called the Cape Foulweather Lighthouse, and at least two boats overturned and lost their cargo just trying to deliver its first supplies. You can read more about the history of the lighthouse here – and pay particular attention to the fact that the light burned pigs’ oil for the first 15 years. And it has at least one ghost. I do love a spooky sea story.

One lighthouse worker evidently was blown off the cliff in the 1800’s.

Hank was almost blown off as well. In fact, he had to come let me out of the car to take his picture since I couldn’t get it open myself against the gusts of wind.

0218 oregon-1

Being a bit leery of losing a child to the wind, we decided to try the lighthouse a little later in the day. To kill some time, we tricked our 8yo into getting out of the car at Nye Beach to scare up some seagulls (it wasn’t very windy there), and then we drove away at a slow speed going uphill and he had to chase us.

So sad I didn’t get a picture of that latter part.

0218 oregon-2

We loved all of the tiny drive-through coffee spots. Yummy. Yummy. Yummy. It made hiding out back at the condo all the more cozy.

0218 oregon-3 0218 oregon-4

At last the weather cleared a little and we made the trek back to the lighthouse.


The Lighthouse Keeper was extremely pleased to walk us through what life would have been like here in the late 1800’s. And my favorite? He gathered all 14 of us tourists into the tiny room at the base of the lighthouse so that we could partake in the entertainment of the day, back then.

We sang songs together. A Capella.

Hank was in HELL; the 5yo looked up at me with horrified eyes and said very loudly, “THIS IS BOOOOOOORRRRRRIIIIIINNNNNGGGGG”; so the 8yo and I took wild advantage of the situation, singing loud for all to hear. I’m quite sure that we sounded just like this. (You must click it. Truly.)

And then we climbed to the top before I pottied my pants from laughing.

0218 oregon-6

0218 oregon-7 0218 oregon-9 0218-4And then back down we went.

0218 oregon-11 0218-5 0218 oregon-15

If you happen to go, take advantage of the tide pools. We didn’t, due to the weather, but we were told that they’re spectacular.

0218 oregon-16 0218 oregon-17 0218 oregon-18 0218 oregon-19 0218 oregon-20 0218 oregon-21 0218 oregon-22 0218 oregon-23 0218 oregon-24 0218 oregon-25 0218-6 0218 oregon-27 0218-7 0218 oregon-26


The park was about to close, so we scurried back to our own little beach just outside of the condo. Just in time, too. The clouds started to clear, leaving us with quite the beautiful sunset.

0218-8 0218 oregon-33 0218 oregon-36 0218 oregon-37 0218 oregon-38 0218 oregon-39

Holden has discovered that he jumps just like a lemur.

0218 oregon-41 0218 oregon-42 0218 oregon-43 0218 oregon-40


And so went our last evening in Oregon.





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