box troll?

box troll?

Our 5yo is our unintentional comedian. He’s been asking for days if he could please keep the next box we get, so today I obliged. When I saw him next, he had the box on his head, but was trying to draw eyes on it by reaching under and around the box to draw them on blindly.

We smothered our giggles and continued to watch.

Then he asked Daddy if he could please use big brother’s pocket knife. Daddy obliged. When I saw him next, well, here you go.

0708 ewan-001

After freeing some eye holes, he then made the box into a pair of pants. 

And then he had a Flashdance moment.

0708 ewan-002


I have no idea what to do with this child…but he has been welcome comedic relief to his older brother, who has been down and out with strep for the past couple of days.



And before signing off here, I’ll leave you with my favorite Ewanism of the day.

Mom? Are we having people over tonight?


Then why does the house look so good?

Hmmm. Perhaps I should clean more often.

0708 ewan-005





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