demo day number 2 {demo in progress}

demo day number 2 {demo in progress}

We’ve been staying with friends in the area for the past six days in exchange for dog sitting and personal cheffing. :) It’s worked out great for everyone so far, since they’ve been out of town for a few of the days and we can help with their pups, and I think/hope they like our cooking. I’ve been able to do insane amounts of laundry and we’ve been able to watch some Rockies games (BONUS), and the kids have had a total blast bumping around our old neighborhood with pals. We’ve been to the county fair a couple of times this week to watch the utility goats and dairy goats and cheer on our new goatie friends. Yesterday, we watched a Milk Off competition to see how much milk the 4-H kiddos can get from their goats – holy cow, have we a learning curve ahead of us! I think that I need to start working my hands over with a stress ball, like right now.

I find that I miss days on the farm terribly. We’ve come to love that feeling of going to bed exhausted after hard work and hot showers, and waking up with the sun, grabbing a cup of coffee, and watching the bigger chickens run out of their coop and start free-ranging for the day. It sounds quite idyllic, doesn’t it? I guess I should balance that with the fact that we also sat in pools of sweat at our desks during the heat of the day with all the lights off and two big fans blowing on us to keep the heat down. Sounded a little like we were working on airplanes in there. Bah. I totally love it anyway.

Not long now.

Ready to see side-by-sides of current work in progress? Hank had to do some deep breathing as we went through last night, mumbling under his breath that we had “taken a perfectly fine house and destroyed it,” and “I’m sure it’ll be great when it’s finished.” We have a system that only one of us is allowed to freak out at any given time and right now it’s definitely his turn.

Below: Looking into the kitchen and toward the dining room BEFORE.

0717 move in-022

Below: Same view as of last night.

0804 house reno-001

Below: Looking from the dining room side back through kitchen BEFORE.

0717 move in-021
0717 move in-023

Below: Same view, last night.

0804 house reno-004

There was originally a window in the far west wall where we’re planning to add a window. Our guess is that the previous owners either took it out or never put it in due to the heat that would have added. We’ll have some sort of window covering on this window eventually, but until we see the window in, we can’t nail down what that might be. The window system coming is nearly the entire size of this wall. Can’t wait!

0804 house reno-002

Below: Looking into the old laundry room BEFORE.

0717 move in-026

0717 move in-025

Below: Now, that room has opened up and will become a butler’s pantry.

0804 house reno-003

Below: The old, rocked in fireplace BEFORE.

0717 move in-019

Below: New naked fireplace.

0804 house reno-012

0804 house reno-006

Below: 3rd bedroom BEFORE.

0717 move in-030

Below: Now being prepped to be the master bathroom. The dark area where the sheetrock has been removed will be a door to an outside patio.

0804 house reno-009

Below: 2nd bedroom BEFORE.

0717 move in-032

Below: Now being prepped to be the master bedroom. The closet in photo right has been removed, and sheetrock has either been removed or marked for two new, tall windows to be put in (the existing window will be removed; it’s at the end of its life). Also, bonus pictures of Hank freaking out.

0804 house reno-007

0804 house reno-008

Below: Old, awkward, previous master bathroom/closet.

0717 move in-036

0717 move in-037

0717 move in-035

Below: New, opened up guest room bathroom. Closets will be put in to flank an existing, deep window in the guest bedroom. I didn’t take a picture of that yet, since nothing has changed in that bedroom.

0804 house reno-011

And…the forms and rebar were put in yesterday for the new World Headquarters of Invisible Window and Mary Pantier Photography. They’ll start pouring the foundation later this week and we hope to have the new building up and running sometime within the next three weeks.

0804 house reno-015

So what did I do yesterday while everyone else was hard at work? I’m glad you asked. I changed the poopy chicken litter out of the brooder and gave our little girls some freshness to play around in. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, and it gave us a nice start of shredded pine shavings and chicken manure to build the compost up in our garden beds, getting them ready for the spring.

0804 house reno-013

0804 house reno-014

Hank just called to say that he stopped by the farm and the house looks even worse today than yesterday, so I think he must be drowning his sorrows in a nice cup of iced coffee about now. Say a little prayer for him today; patience is not an easy thing right now. ;)

More to come!



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