demo derby.

demo derby.

When we first started talking about the Big Renovation, Hank’s eyes lit up like Christmas at the thought of demolition. Swinging a sledgehammer freely, feeling sheetrock crumble from a mighty blow, tearing cabinets from walls…these things bring out his inner caveman. And of course, wearing safety glasses and gloves and getting the worst boogers ever from the sheetrock dust is merely bonus.

But then reality set in. Our contractor mentioned erring on the side of careful to eliminate electrical damage and repair to sheetrock in walls that we’re keeping and budgeting in said repairs.

Hank’s caveman grunts slipped into a whimper as soon as she said, “Budget.”

Compromise: Hank’s project, The Fireplace.

It’s a win-win. He gets to do demo on big, heavy flagstone and rock and thick grout and chicken wire with a sledgehammer and chisel, AND he gets to reface the thing and do his fancy board and batten and tile treatment to Pantierify it. Woot. Oh yeah, the second win of the win-win is it’s a budget saver to do that project ourselves. Woot some more.

Of course, there was help. Ah, our little cavemen loin fruits.

0729 fireplace demo-001

0729 fireplace demo-003 0729 fireplace demo-002 0729 fireplace demo-004


I couldn’t have begged my way in for a go with the sledgehammer, so my job was to sit back and enjoy the show.

0729 fireplace demo-005 0729 fireplace demo-006


At near rock demo completion, we noticed the time. Ewan’s last baseball game of the season was sneaking up quickly, but after his mighty swings, he had disappeared.

0729 fireplace demo-007

0729 fireplace demo-008


Poor kiddo wore himself out. Although, it looks like he’s sleeping off a Birch Beer Bender. I couldn’t have staged that photo better myself.

P.S. The Professional Cavemen Demo Derby begins on Monday. We are giddy. No more stinky carpet and 30-year-old smelly house!




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