dems da berries.

dems da berries.

Well, not really. :) The berries weren’t ready today for picking, so we’ll have to return to our favorite berry farm toward the end of the month with high hopes and clean faces ready to show the signs of sneakin’ a few into our mouths instead of the provided boxes.

The farm store, however, was filled with lots of goodies, and the rocking chairs on the porch practically begged us to take a seat and eat our picnic lunches.

We completely obliged.

0813 berrypatch-023 0813 berrypatch-009 0813 berrypatch-006 0813 berrypatch-011 0813 berrypatch-021 0813 berrypatch-002 0813 berrypatch-005

The bees were very busy about their business today. It was enough to stop him in his tracks.

0813 berrypatch-003-Edit 0813 berrypatch-012 0813 berrypatch-027


I want chickens.

0813 berrypatch-016 0813 berrypatch-030 0813 berrypatch-031 0813 berrypatch-001 0813 berrypatch-010



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