enter the garden.

enter the garden.

If I were more flexible, I’d gladly kick my own booty. We’ve lived in Colorado for 15 years and I’ve never been here…

0425 gog-035

The Garden of the Gods. You guys. From every angle, it takes your breath away. I can’t wait to go back and see it at sunset.

My trusty sidekick went with me on a scouting mission and to help me understand some things about shooting next to red rock. It wasn’t the best of lighting conditions – straight up noon o-clock – but it was enough for me to get some needed information.

0425 gog-014-Edit 0425 gog-016-Edit 0425 gog-002 2014-04-26_0003 2014-04-26_0004 0425 gog-077-Edit-Edit 2014-04-26_0001 0425 gog-034 0425 gog-060 2014-04-26_0002 0425 gog-031 0425 gog-013 0425 gog-009


It was gorgeous. I highly recommend going, though I can’t imagine how busy the area must be on a weekend. There are designated areas for climbing and nearly the whole place is handicapped-accessible, complete with a designated parking area for handicapped only. Pretty impressive.

And I want to show you one more thing. Almost every person there was toting a camera – how could you not, really? But here’s a little tip. Be patient, and take a minute to frame your photos. I promise that when you come home and pull up your pictures, you won’t even remember how many people were around you. Check it out. Same shot, I just framed/composed upward a little in the second one.

0425 gog-064 0425 gog-065

You can still see three little hikers in there on the upper loop, but you can almost completely forget about the sidewalk and throngs of folks. :)

Now go shoot something. (But watch where you’re stepping – I got so excited trying to take a shot that a slid down a rocky part. Still worth it!)

0425 gog-078



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  1. Toni

    Love that place. Have pics of Hank at 4 “holding up” a huge rock!

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