The doctor I’ve chosen, in our small quirky town no less, looks the part of an eccentric artist who’s stepped right out of the heart of Santa Fe. On any given day, she has purple fabric woven into a braid in her hair, which also complements her flowing clothes. She seems to sweep into the room and has an air of “Earth Mother.” She’s a graduate of Harvard. She’s incredibly smart and attentive. And she harps, every visit, on passion.

What are you doing for inspiration?

How are you living every day?

Are you taking time to explore life?

To be surrounded by curiosity, encouragement, and playfulness in all of the random areas of life is incredibly rewarding.

It makes me want to use italics. A lot.

And so it goes.

Today, Hank had a short list of places to explore in Denver. Places to inspire, that show true living, and encourage us to dig into pockets around us and explore.

First, a new coffee shop. And I’ve found that as I become more brave in asking to photograph new places, people are sharing in that enthusiasm with me.

Meet the lovelies at Black Eye Coffee.


Edison lights, awesome coffee, distressed wood, and baristas who create velvety foamed lattes? Yes, please.

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Holden was a bit zoned out this morning. Perhaps I should go ahead and intro him to a good cup o’ joe?

Second? Lunch. Much needed, especially when we realized that the zoning up there was caused by a famished belly. Hello, Wafflich.

marypantierphotography3-1 marypantierphotography2-3

I had no idea that there was a niche for sandwiches squished sort of like a panini, but no! A waffle sandwich! Not a bad way to spend lunchtime – with some turkey, havarti, and avocado on sourdough.


Next, a combo hit. We set off to explore Pearl Velo, Berkeley Supply, and Avery Co. Cycles, in that order.

Pearl Velo was closed for a few days, for the COOLEST REASON EVER. Kudos to these guys.

marypantierphotography-10 marypantierphotography-11

Hank has been following them on social media…evidently family time is in Moab. Not a bad spot at all.

Berkeley Supply did not disappoint. Nicest store owner ever.

marypantierphotography-15 marypantierphotography-14 marypantierphotography-13

A+ use of a chainsaw, btw.


Avery Co. Cycles was a small room off of Berkeley; it too, was just as expected, which was a.w.e.s.o.m.e.

marypantierphotography-16 marypantierphotography-17

Ewan wanted his picture taken, but only as a reflection in the window. So there you go. :)

A side trip into a vintage shop for browsing among the old and new.

marypantierphotography-18 marypantierphotography-19 marypantierphotography-20 marypantierphotography-22 marypantierphotography-23 marypantierphotography-21

I am in a crazy awesome love affair with clocks these days. I might need to go on a recon mission back to Denver for this one.

And of course, any time Rosie the Riveter makes an appearance, I’m game. But she has crap taste in beer.


I guess she can’t be all things to all people.

I’m looking forward to my tomorrow inspiration. Our boys, who have diligently been working on dyeing eggs, creating geodes, and rounding up Easter baskets, are beyond excited about what the Easter Bunny will bring. We’re celebrating Easter Sunday by submersing our family in the company of good friends and food while the kids hide eggs over and over.

Although there will, most likely, be a new tradition of sword fighting, which is the game of choice in our house right now. Very Easter-y.

Happy Weekend.




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