farm visitors.

farm visitors.

It’s been so funny to us that we’ve had basically two reactions to selling a perfectly pretty, new, beautifully done home for a total fixer-upper: 1) excitement and reactions like, “Oh! I’ve wanted to do that for years!” or b) you’re insane. We’ve had visitors from both camps, and some looks that say, “Ooooookkkkkk” and some that say “Ah. So awesome.”

We had one little chickadee come for a visit and left with a new chant the boys taught her: “I want a farm!” Her momma completely agrees, but they have to sell the daddy on it. :) Ewan couldn’t wait to try to catch a chicken for her.

0724 farm-001

(We haven’t quite figured out how to actually catch these chickens yet.)

0724 farm-002

0724 farm-003

0722 fence-024

0724 farm-007

0722 fence-021

Not a problem. We can usually just tap on the coop and they’ll run out the other way. We’ll get it figured out.

In no time flat, our young friend decided that she wanted chickens of her own.

0724 farm-005

We have a new batch of chicks coming tomorrow, about 30 of them just a day old, and we’re expecting to see her back here next weekend to “borrow” a couple of chickies to raise for a few weeks and then bring back when they get too big for their setup.

I mean, it’s not like the boys enjoy her company or anything.

0724 farm-013

0724 farm-014



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