Gussy and Shondwa. {family session}

Gussy and Shondwa. {family session}

About a year and a half ago, my husband and I walked into a brand new gym not far from our house. Not only did that small act change our lives physically, but it brought us into a new friend circle.

Not only for Hank and me, but for our children, too. Both of whom, I think, might have a mighty crush on Shondra. Shondwa. And who wouldn’t?!

20111214 ritter blog 4


20111214 ritter blog 6

But no crushes for Justin. Or as our youngest said for the better part of a year, Gussy.

20111214 ritter blog 1

20111214 ritter blog 9

Not only did I get a fun afternoon with these two, but their girls, too.

20111214 ritter blog 10

Those girls are handy if your workout leaves you sweaty. They like, um, doling out the tongue baths.

20111214 ritter blog 11

20111214 ritter blog 12

20111214 ritter blog 2

Love you two! Four! Oh all of you!



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  1. Anne Lambert Zike

    Mary! These are stunningly beautiful people and pictures!!!!

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