Quite a bit of randomness today…as we’ve been enjoying each other, our families, and our friend family this year. Buckle up. :)

My oldest son got hitched. [march 2013]


0307 ok wedding trip-057

Hank celebrated his company’s, Invisible Window, 6th anniversary.

0326 iw anniversary-008

I saw downtown Denver through the eyes of my youngest boys.

0405 spring break 2013-194 2013-08-21_0002 0405 spring break 2013-225 0405 spring break 2013-243 0405 spring break 2013-258 0405 spring break 2013-233 2013-08-21_0003

Our 8yo went to work with me; he scouted, shot, and edited his first photo shoot. [april 2013]


Our 4yo began an illustrious soccer career, while big bro discovered his coaching abilities.

2013-08-21_0005 2013-08-21_0006

Our 8yo, busy as usual, said a farewell to the second grade and a favorite teacher. [may 2013]

0512 misc-024

0517 ewan-094-Edit2013-08-21_0011

A trip to the zoo.


Todd Helton the Cat’s big debut photography shoot, complete with audience.

0516 yellow-009-Edit 0516 yellow-013-Edit 2013-08-21_0008

Our 4yo’s 1st year of preschool, in the books.


The town fair.


The Boulder Creek Art Festival.


Our anniversary sneak away.

2013-08-21_00130528 misc-026

A new arrival: our ghetto pool aka summer life saver. [june 2013]

2013-08-21_0014 2013-08-21_0015

Our side yard flooded, but we averted disastrous consequences due to Hank’s quick thinking and baling.


A new fish, Golby, was earned through hard work and excellent manners.


We searched for salamanders and crawdads.


We discovered hops.

0626 ogg house-044

The boys opened a kool-aid stand.


I found amazing sunset light in the boys’ room at bedtime. [july 2013]

0711 boys-017-Edit 0711 boys-019 0711 boys-022

We had glorious, much needed rain.

0715 rainsotrm-039

And then we got cabin fever.

0729 misc-011 0729 misc-017 0730 ewan-001 0801 beach-098 2013-08-21_0021

We discovered the drive-in movie theater.


Hank found new pendant lights for the kitchen.

2013-08-21_0022The boys schooled me in bowling. [august 2013]


Todd Helton fell in love with a vintage Coca Cola box (and who can blame him?).


Hank & Sam, along with our boys, officially became foragers.

0812 hanks camera-002 0812 hanks camera-001

photo credits above: Hank.

Our 8yo rediscovered an insane obsession with all things Harry Potter. Hank would like to obliviate him, but luckily I speak wizard fairly fluently.


Our garden has begun to produce…and Holden’s hair just keeps better. Must be the broccoli.

0812 hanks camera-008 0807 bedhead-003

And we are enjoying the simple things.

0812 hanks camera-003 0813 berrypatch-046 0814 coffee-004 0814 coffee-016 0513 -026

That’s better. Now I can move forward to what’s to come without the guilt of things unposted. :)



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