i’m not ready…

i’m not ready…

Not that school is or should be about me, but I’m just not ready, and I feel pretty much like this guy.

0818 4th grade-009


Some years I’ve been ready and on it and prepared and happy for them and such a chipper chicken, but this year, summer went by too quickly and we didn’t even get started with all of the things we should have done and places we should have gone. 

0818 4th grade-011 0818 4th grade-013 0818 4th grade-016


But. Regardless. Even so.

Fourth grade beckons.

And it will be fine.

0818 4th grade-003 0818 4th grade-004 0818 4th grade-006 2014-08-18_0001I got up, made a southern comfort food breakfast of homemade biscuits (YEAH! BOOYAH 4TH GRADE!) and gravy and sausage links to start an early artery clog and productive day. Flour and water and flour and water will do that, you know.

That’ll put the “Yes Ma’am and Please and Thank You” in your vocab…rest assured.

And little brother added his own spiciness to the morning. Yes, that’s an airborne something-or-other photobomb you see there. It fits…

0818 4th grade-023 2014-08-18_0002 0818 4th grade-025


Let’s do this, 4th grade.

0818 4th grade-026




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