it’s a lady.

it’s a lady.

Well first, it’s a patio table.

We’ve been searching for a table that we love AND would be willing to buy; we’ve learned two things: 1) we don’t like anything out of the box, and 2) what we do like is waaaaaay more than we’d like to spend.

So Hank made one today. :)

0713 patio table-001


We found plans online here, and the whole thing was finished in a matter of hours, including that extra trip back to the lumber yard that always seems to happen.

0713 patio table-002

0713 patio table-003

We decided to stain it gray to tie in with the house…but mostly because it reminds me of the beach and I do love the beach.

By the way, Pearl is muy not impressed. She had to be tethered out of the way so that didn’t turn into a mottled Australian shepherd.

0713 patio table-004

In other news, the boys and I had to make an emergency trip to the nursery today to find help in getting rid of some horrid little black bugs that are eating my baskets of gold. As a bonus, we picked up some ladybugs to help out in the garden. I’m not sure who was most excited – Hank or the boys.



0713 patio table-013 2013-07-13_0002 0713 patio table-015 2013-07-13_0001 0713 patio table-017 0713 patio table-022


These below are other horrid things that we are currently waging war against – and feel like we’re losing. Do you see the green bulb-like things every so often? Those turn into the most massive, painful, triceratops-looking goathead stickers ever to live. Oh I hate them so much. I’m thinking about running an ad in our neighborhood forum asking for help: anyone willing to plop down in our backyard and pull these out by hand will earn $10/bucket filled, as long as you leave our baby grass intact. Hank actually just read online about a certain weevil that eats these…might be worth a shot to place an order.

0713 patio table-031 0713 patio table-033 0713 patio table-037

But these lovelies? They’ll keep our tomato and zucchini plants happy and safe from aphids (which, to be honest, I haven’t really noticed any damage from this season; the boys just really wanted a bag of 2000 ladybugs).

0713 patio table-038 0713 patio table-040 0713 patio table-042

Made these today. Recipe in the new Primal Cravings cookbook that’s chock full of pretty darn tasty stuff. Huge hit with the boys this morning.

0713 patio table-044

And I think that’s enough for today. Feeling thankful for deep, deep belly laughs today, a new spot to eat outside (sans chairs, but I’m not picky), and happy bugs.




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