keep on believin’.

keep on believin’.

I didn’t quite believe Hank when he said that this year might be the last that we have two believers, but during our annual visit to Santa, I began to wonder.

2013-12-20_0001 I saw the flickers of doubt; the mask that starts to fall.

1206 santa-4

Even a little bit of cockiness.

1206 santa-5

This one is still in, 100%.

1206 santa-3

But our older one…oh please still believe.

1206 santa-6


Santa was so good this year. So patient.


Very tender.

He took his time with our boys…

1206 santa-9 1206 santa-11 1206 santa-10

And I think that that did the trick.

That Spirit of Christmas, while shaken, lives ON in this house.




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