the last day.

the last day.

The last day of any vacation is awkward: the travel day.

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Everything you’ve brought with you is stowed in the trunk of your car and you try to cram in every last thing, all the while watching the clock to see how you’re doing on time. Sometimes you drag it out, trying to keep kids occupied; sometimes you drag your feet, trying to soak in each moment that flies by. We aren’t the type to plan our vacations out very much. We set aside some days on the calendar, book a flight or leave time for traveling, and make sure we have a great place to stay. Otherwise, we tend to do a mish-mash of touristy things as well as chat up the locals to find out where the good spots are.

This is Bryce, our barista de jour at The Beanery in Eugene, OR. 

0219 oregon-4 0219 oregon-2 0219 oregon-3

That being said, we were ready to come home on our last day. That’s the best feeling, isn’t it? Loving your vacation and spending time away with family, but feeling a huge sigh of happiness when you peek out of the airplane window to see the place that you call home.

Our boy discovered  a little coffee love. Don’t worry…I’ve cut him off until its age appropriate. ;)

0219 oregon-5 0219 oregon-6

I felt downright giddy when I saw Denver’s sea of lights in the twilight and imagined its life and sunshine and mountain air. Home.

And “home” very much meant one huge thing.

Time for a birthday party. :) More to come.



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