you should learn to read.

you should learn to read.

I love really calling the boys out on the “trick” part of “trick-or-treat”.

You know why?

Because not all Skittles are equal.

2013-10-31_0001He knows all of his sounds and is a really good reader at four already, but the “ou” part of a word (i.e. “sour”) isn’t familiar yet.

So…I get to tease him about not knowing how to read – NOT IN A MEAN WAY – and what a crack up he is. All wit, I tell ya.

1031 sour skittles-004 1031 sour skittles-005 1031 sour skittles-006

Oh and look, Harry Potter fans. We have a Sorting Hat in the house.

1031 sour skittles-007



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