a little cabin fever-y over here.

a little cabin fever-y over here.

It’s negative double digits today. Oooooh that’s chilly. And not normal, btw. But even more “not normal” is the way Agnes and Todd Helton the Cat have been acting for the past several days.0202 cats-7

It’s been too cold for them to go outside, but they can’t stand being inside all of the time, either.

0202 cats-6

You’ll notice that Todd Helton the Cat always seems to be on the low side.

0202 cats-1


Do not be fooled. He is stealthy and patient and like any good wrestler, he watches and waits for Agnes to make her move.

Agnes looks very smart with her tongue like that. She IS very smart. Pffffft.

0202 cats-5

0202 cats-40202 cats-3


Lord, please help us survive the fever.

0202 cats-2




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