he made it.

he made it.

It’s been a looooooong four weeks of splint duty for the 8yo. I’ve never seen anyone Houdini out of splint tape, ace bandages, duct tape, or Gorilla tape as fast as our boy. But on Friday, thank goodness, he was relieved of the splint.

Random segue…I love the fishes at the pediatrician’s office.


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Back to subject…do you see? He split the splint (say that three times fast, please) in two. IN TWO. Have mercy. He’s so twitchy. And yes, that’s camo Gorilla tape holding the splint on (sort of). It was the only thing that worked on him for longer than five minutes. Not kidding. One morning, I sat with him in the car right outside of his school and taped his splint on for the day with the bright green tape that they gave us at urgent care. When he got in the car at pick up that afternoon, he pulled the green tape out his pocket. It looked like a thin rubber band. And the kicker? He said that it got that way before announcements “somehow”, which was within 15 minutes of me wrapping his hand that morning.



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I particularly like his eyes in this photo. :)


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What was left. Ew. I can’t imagine what casts look like when they’re cut off. (And yes, he wanted to keep this. Blech.)


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He and the 4yo celebrated the next day by throwing some left hooks and stuff.


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Todd Helton the Cat and I are of the same opinion: Boys are so weird.




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