merry christmas.

merry christmas.

There were so many good photos this year that I knew I’d have to make everyone a book — which would have been silly. :)

Instead, we’ve given you the best of all worlds, including their outtakes (which, in truth, are the boys being completely natural and normal. Ack.)

Hoping that you and yours have a fantastic holiday season. Enjoy.

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And…the outtakes. :)

outtake1 merry christmas outtakes-3 merry christmas outtakes-4 merry christmas outtakes-5 merry christmas outtakes-6 merry christmas outtakes-7 merry christmas outtakes-8 merry christmas outtakes-9 merry christmas outtakes-10 merry christmas outtakes-11 merry christmas outtakes-12 merry christmas outtakes-13 merry christmas outtakes-14 merry christmas outtakes-17 outtake2 merry christmas outtakes-20 merry christmas outtakes-29 merry christmas outtakes-30 outtake3 outtake4 outtake5 outtake6 outtake7 outtake8 outtake9 outtake10

A very, very happy season to you. May it be filled with joy and wonder and the really, really good stuff.

Keep it real.



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