the milestone.

the milestone.


They’re always the biggies.

First word. First steps. First day of school.

First loose tooth.

I remember this one like it was yesterday.

And there’s another one coming. Our 5yo all of sudden starting quietly crying (at first ‘quietly,’ then ever so loudly) at the dinner table tonight, because he bit down on his very soft pasta to find that his first snaggletooth had pushed upward and was in the way and he didn’t realize that and he bit down … hard.

Blood. Pain. Darn tooth still intact.

It’s not quite ready, but our prediction is by Thursday? Sayonara baby tooth, helloooooo tooth fairy money.

After he realized what had happened, he had to inspect things.

0113 tooth-001

We lose him at least once during every mealtime to the bathroom. He’s going through “a stage.” Yay, picky-eaters-who-frequently-escape-to-the-bathroom-in-hopes-that-we-don’t-notice-they’re-not-eating.

Lots of tears, from the anticipation and not being quite ready.

0113 tooth-002


Oh, those sweet little wet eyelashes and solo tear left on his cheek. It’s stressful being five. You’re basically falling apart.

0113 tooth-003


The 9yo ran after him, yelling, “You’re almost there, bro!”

When did “bro” happen in his vocabulary? And “boobs?” That’s worked into some kind of conversation every day, now. Dying.




(Never say that, btw – irregardless. Makes no sense. How is it different from “regardless?”)

After a pep talk about being a bro and something about boobs or some weirdness, he was less stressed and more curious.

0113 tooth-006


And I think that Thursday will be a very big milestone day, here.

0113 tooth-007



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