mustache stinkeye.

mustache stinkeye.

Our back yard is mud.

Our front yard is not mud, but it’s the size of our previous back yard and I think that the boys would rather be in our new back yard. And although our new back yard is covered in fun snow, the temperature and wind yesterday were a brutal combination of YOWZA.

We all wandered around the house a bit, tucking into corners of couches and amusing ourselves in different ways, but I have a couple of words for you.


untitled shoot-002-Edit untitled shoot-016

I’m not really sure why I wear my hair like this right now. :/

But after a quick errand, Hank delivered on the fun barometer with the return of the ‘stache.

Holden threw in a little stinkeye for good measure.

0323 mustache snow day-001-Edit 0323 mustache snow day-003-Edit 0323 mustache snow day-005

Not only did Pearl not foster an appreciation of the mustache… she ate half of it in two nanoseconds.

0323 mustache snow day-008-Edit 0323 mustache snow day-010-Edit

And someone has a new fascination slash hobby.

Meet the newest convert to all things camera, but in the form of video.

untitled shoot-006

He’s built a carrier and track out of old skateboard wheels and some other stuff, and a buddy is building a robotic thingamajig that will move the camera holder along sans pink pully string.


Soon, I’ll have photos of every person in my family behind a camera.

untitled shoot-010 untitled shoot-011 untitled shoot-012 untitled shoot-014

You’ll be able to watch the progression of his journey here. He’s really quite good. :)

Of course, you’ll have to wade through all of his coding mumbo jumbo as well, but hey. I do love me a hot nerd.




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