My mother was the most beautiful woman I ever saw.

My mother was the most beautiful woman I ever saw.

George Washington said that, but isn’t it the truth for all of us?

Our baby girls want so much to grow up to be as pretty, as loving, as everything as Mom.

Our baby boys want so much to grow up and marry Mom. :)

I have one picture of just my mother and me. It was taken when I was a baby and I cherish it. And when I hold it, I want to know more about her, more about us, before I had only my experience of us. I want to know how she looked at me, what her face looked like when she looked into mine. Did her eyes dance? Did she hold my little fingers entwined in hers? I have stories that she still tells me to this day, but to see it? Oh how I wish.

Mother’s Day is coming and she and I live hundreds of miles away from each other now. It reminds me that this year, I’d love more than anything to have these kinds of pictures taken with my mom.

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