no service.

no service.

Yesterday, we had no service. We drove an hour away, which was almost a mile higher, to a spot where our cell phones wouldn’t work.


The boys and Hank got there a few hours before the dogs and me, which was an excellent thing since a lot of other people wanted no service and the campsites filled up very quickly.

They were pretty much on fire by the time I arrived.

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We went to Brainard Lake, just outside of Ward, Co. We camped there two years ago and we were blown away by how much work has been done. It’s gorgeous; each campsite has its own bear- and weather-proof food cabinet, bathrooms are clean and abundant, and there are several paved trails now to make the area handicap accessible. It’s less secluded than it once was, but the beauty of the place just takes your breath away.

0825 brainard-034

I got a little sidetracked while Hank made dinner and ended up following some fishermen up to the lake to see for myself.

0825 brainard-042 2013-08-25_0003 2013-08-25_0004

When I walked back down to our home for the night, Hank had put the boys to some kind of use, helping whittle some spears and mix up our dinner.

0825 brainard-089 0825 brainard-082 0825 brainard-073 0825 brainard-075 0825 brainard-080

And then a bit of a mishap. Sometimes, when you bang sticks against big, strong trees, there’s a rebound that happens. And sometimes those rebounds smack you right in the face.

0825 brainard-068

This is why Hank has outfitted both of our cars with hefty first aid kits. But no first aid was needed. Just love.

0825 brainard-069

We ate slowly. We cleaned up quickly. We enjoyed the fire and no service.

2013-08-25_0006 0825 brainard-018 0825 brainard-086 0825 brainard-088 0825 brainard-090

And then we ran for cover when the rain started.

0825 brainard-091 0825 brainard-102 0825 brainard-103

I could get entirely used to this no-service gig.

After a bit of a strange night, you know, falling asleep at 8:30 and then being jarred wide awake by the rednecks in a diesel truck going down the neighboring road making such a ruckus that you swear that it’s the Zombie Apocolypse, we were ready to pile out and start our day morning of fishing at the crack of dawn.

Or maybe the crack plus about an hour.

0825 brainard-106 0825 brainard-108 0825 brainard-110 0825 brainard-111 0825 brainard-119 0825 brainard-128 0825 brainard-131 0825 brainard-133 0825 brainard-136 0825 brainard-140 0825 brainard-145

Then we fished. Well, after of course, a 74th trip to the bathroom, finding a huge and gigantic mushroom, and some sort of crazy diatribe by Ewan.

0825 brainard-137 0825 brainard-134 2013-08-25_0001

Even Pearl was amused. Sorta. But she was able to clean up our cookware and decided life was still pretty stinkin’ awesome.

0825 brainard-087 0825 brainard-146 0825 brainard-147 0825 brainard-149

2013-08-25_0005 0825 brainard-192 0825 brainard-191 0825 brainard-190 0825 brainard-194 0825 brainard-189 0825 brainard-187 0825 brainard-186 0825 brainard-185 0825 brainard-179 0825 brainard-174 0825 brainard-172 0825 brainard-170 0825 brainard-169 0825 brainard-209 0825 brainard-168 0825 brainard-167 0825 brainard-166 0825 brainard-212

Our no-service time came to end. I have to admit, I love my technology, BUT. There’s nothing like spending that kind of time with your pack.

0825 brainard-143 0825 brainard-022 0825 brainard-162 0825 brainard-152 0825 brainard-164 0825 brainard-213



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