oh fine.

oh fine.

Our 5yo is the opposite.

0820 ewan-001


He has been waiting not-so-patiently for school to start for about six months. 

0820 ewan-003 0820 ewan-004 0820 ewan-005 2014-08-20_0001


He has been perfecting that silly beaver-teeth smile and has been working over his new backpack to get it broken in just right.

And he needed no cues on posing for his 1st-day-of-school photos.



He’s the last one of our bunch.

Now…the house will be too quiet.

But rides to school are more fun with an extra stop along the way.

0820 ewan-012 0820 ewan-014 2014-08-20_0003 0820 ewan-016


We were the first ones there this morning. There was a little too much time to wonder and anticipate, but I only saw a sign of worry once.

0820 ewan-018


Otherwise, it was I-can’t-wait and when-can-I-go-in.

0820 ewan-017


And the highlight? Seeing a couple of his best buddies there.



They noticed him as they came in on the bus, and then they came right over to wish him a good day. They’re older, so they won’t be able to eat lunch together or have recess at the same time, but it doesn’t matter with their little crew.

I stepped quickly away before I scooped them all up in bear hugs.

And then Hank highly encouraged me to ride away, which we did, but not before I reminded our little man of how brightly he will shine.

Man. That was a quiet bike ride home.




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