oh that light.

oh that light.

He was working at his brother’s desk this afternoon when I peeked in.

0727 ewan-002

Those sweet little shoulders bathed in light nearly did me in.

2014-07-27_0001He was actually working on completing a “consequence” (read: sentences), so while he wasn’t too happy with this way of spending an afternoon, he did work in a break to flirt a little.

0727 ewan-005 2014-07-27_0002I swear. God sure did have a pretty great plan of making them so darn cute and spunky while they’re growing up.

This ensures survival.

For all of us. (P.S. I hate feeling like bad cop. Sometimes, being a parent sucks.)

Btw, when you dry hydrangeas, they look like bats. ;)

0727 ewan-001





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