Love comes in so many different forms and I find that especially evident with my children. It seems to be a daily lesson in the form of taking of a few breaths to find the delicate balance of it. Give more space in public but cuddle more at home. Take more pictures but show fewer online. Watch them want to fly but see hesitation in the first jump.

Respecting new, daily boundaries; ones that shift depending on what the day holds and requires.

Every parent out there has different feelings today. It’s the first day of a new school year. I wish a lot that we wouldn’t judge each other harshly about it. Some of us are ready to have them at school all day for various reasons, some of us are not. Some of us are jumping for joy and feeling a new found freedom and relief after a summer of chauffeuring and entertaining, some of us are wandering around our houses baffled by the quiet and feeling a little lonely. I’m one of those that goes with the flow, but I have to admit that I’m sad that our summer is over. I look forward to having some quiet, because that’s how I recharge, but I really miss my children while they’re at school and do find myself wandering around the house sometimes feeling that the quiet is a little much. I respect myself for knowing and admitting that.

Today, I honor all of you sending your kiddos off to school. I hope very much that they have a fantastic first day and are blessed with teachers who build them up and tease out their confidence and love for learning; especially in those children who might not feel that learning is fun. I pray that our children forge strong and healthy friendships with other children who feed their souls in beautiful ways and who, in turn, can receive the best that our kids have to give. I look forward to healthy peer pressure that causes growth in positive ways, and hope sincerely that we, as parents, can confidently discern when we should be picking our kids up and dusting them off to encourage them how to get up after setbacks v. rescuing them from situations that they are truly ready to handle. And I hope that we parents are gentle and kind with each other, but in a “really good friend” way that is constructive when we have to call each other out on stuff because we’re doing it out of LOVE, not for the sake of BEING RIGHT and WINNING.

Love keeps us learning. Growing. Respectful. Honorable.

Now go have a great day. ;)


Last year, first day of school.

20120816_1st day 2nd grade_6

This year, first day of school.

0815 1st day-006-Edit 2013-08-15_0001 0815 1st day-009 2013-08-15_0002 0815 1st day-002 2013-08-15_0003 0815 1st day-008-Edit



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