there is room for it all.

there is room for it all.

I get this ridiculous thought/fear in my mind more often than I’m comfortable admitting:

I can’t do THAT. There’s no room for THAT.

Do you know I’m talking about? Those little bursts of excitement, deep in your belly, that feel a lot like “rollercoaster belly”? The insane bubbles of happiness and joy and creativity? Incredible thoughts of oh-my-gosh-what-if?! The kind of feeling that you get when you watch an incredible feat, like someone doing something amazing in the Olympics or a huge air trick on a bike and you think, I can do that!

And then you immediately think…”Well. Maybe I can’t. I mean, THAT would take a lot of me and oh my goodness what if I lose myself in THAT then there would be nothing left for my family. There’s no room for THAT.”

Not in an “it’s impossible” thought, but an “I’ll lose myself” thought and never come back to reality.

I thought it today. I looked to my left while driving and I saw the most perfect lines in a building. I was struck by the symmetry and light and order of it, and my hands itched for my camera. Then I looked at the sky for a moment, and through the polarized lenses in my sunglasses, some of the clouds turned into these crazy, rainbow-laced streams of cotton. My hands itched for my camera with a polarizing filter.

And then I talked to myself. Yes…alone in my car, I said in this crazy excited voice, “Oh my gosh there IS room for IT ALL!!!”

When I got home, the boys and I went for a little walk/scooter adventure. Of course, Todd Helton the Cat came along.

0103 scootering-1

Just past the absolute charm of our neighborhood lies the equal charm of wide open fields, a creek, and our coveted trail system. It leads to a sometimes magical looking place where the sun shines through native grasses and creates a golden hour haven.

0103 scootering-14

It also gives way to supreme scooter ridin’.

That scratched up munchkin nose is courtesy of a previous scooter-outing-turned-icy-patch-turned-superman-turned-faceplant.


2014-01-03_0001 2014-01-03_0002 0103 scootering-2 2014-01-03_0005

These above and below are our Happy New Year jumps. Enjoy them.


Random dog photo. This is Izzy, whose ears do the same exact perky thing every time you say her name and then she runs away. Awesome. And nice to meet you, Izzy.


Random grass photo. For some reason, the fuzzy heads of the grass were curling into golden rings this evening. I love them.

0103 scootering-5

And that will do, I think. I need to get busy, now, making some more room.

Because, you see…I’m gonna have it all. ;)



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