he was run-ning.

he was run-ning.

First and foremost, Hank rules. He doesn’t make fun of me when I want to do something silly – usually – and in fact, many times, he jumps in right alongside me.

Today was thankfully one of those days.

We’ve done a lot of cheering for our 9yo. We’ve done a lot of picture taking and celebrating and woo-hoo-ing and high-fiving. When it comes to the low man on the totem pole, the 5yo, sometimes we’re already pooped out at this point in life and we don’t take the time to completely and fully embarrass him like we should.

Hank helped me color a poster today, in order to do a fine job of embarrassing the last loin fruit in our family tree.



We hid the poster from him until he had stretched and warmed up and run his first lap. No need to give away all of your secrets right away, you know. 

1003 JAT-007 1003 JAT-008 2014-10-03_0002 1003 JAT-011 1003 JAT-014


And then… he saw it.

1003 JAT-016 1003 JAT-017 1003 JAT-020


By the time he came ’round on the 10th lap or so, he was a pro. And so were we.

1003 JAT-012 1003 JAT-023 1003 JAT-022 1003 JAT-027


This is one of my favorite things about parenting: being “those” guys.

1003 JAT-031-Edit


But I think Ewan rather liked it.



He asked if he got to keep the poster and hang it in his room. ;)

1003 JAT-034

And then he did a lap with it.




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  1. Kristin Savory

    I am so glad that you guys are “those guys”- never hide your sunshine lady….it’s contagious!

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