snow boat.

snow boat.

Day two of our epic Pantier adventure to the Boat included…


I have a bajillion pics of the boys sledding. It never gets old. I’m actually surprised (yet thankful) that the roofs of our mouths do not get reflection sunburns from the snow since we laugh the whole time.

Cheap entertainment.

0406 the boat-058 2014-04-30_0002


0406 the boat-069 0406 the boat-070 0406 the boat-055


Hank tried very hard to get sledding footage. Not sure if that’s been edited, yet, but it looks like it’ll be real. good.

0406 the boat-084 0406 the boat-087 0406 the boat-088 0406 the boat-089 0406 the boat-090 0406 the boat-091 0406 the boat-099 0406 the boat-104 0406 the boat-105


Up he goes again.

0406 the boat-108 0406 the boat-111 0406 the boat-117

This time, the intention was to sweep big brother. It worked.

0406 the boat-122 0406 the boat-123 0406 the boat-124 0406 the boat-125 0406 the boat-126 0406 the boat-127 0406 the boat-128 0406 the boat-129 0406 the boat-130


And then it backfired as big bro lured him into a snow hole. Oy.

0406 the boat-137


Of course, this meant the ultimate face-off. Roller derby-style downhill sledding. Game on.

0406 the boat2-013 0406 the boat2-004 0406 the boat2-006 0406 the boat2-022


And then we hit the proverbial downhill moment. Potty break…which resulted in some rogue aiming and the demise of the snow jacket.

0406 the boat2-025


And I don’t do that kind of laundry. Game over.

0406 the boat2-027



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