So loved. {family session}

So loved. {family session}

It’s pure sweetness to welcome a new baby into this world. To welcome that new little being into your family, your friend circle, your life. All of that excitement that builds up after so many weeks of thinking about becoming pregnant turns into so many months of being pregnant, then so many hours (hopefully only a few…) to bring that precious soul into your arms.

It’s a girl.

And she is welcomed into a house of boys, forever to be changed soon, I would think, into a house of pink and tea parties and dolls with mismatched clothes and shoes.

20110809 Euston 11

Someone is already mesmerized…

20110809 Euston 2

20110809 Euston 3

All of her new someones are.

20110809 Euston 1


20110809 Euston 6

Sweet little Ms. A. You are so loved already.

20110809 Euston 9

Welcome to a day in the life…

20110809 Euston 7

20110809 Euston 5


20110809 Euston 10


20110810 Euston 14

20110810 Euston 15

20110810 Euston 16


20110809 Euston1 1


Jeff + Shalee

Married |  3 years, in beautiful Hawaii; carrying that beautiful life on in Colorado

Kiddos |  T=17, A=2, Littlest A=1 mo.

Most amazing thing about having a newborn again (as told by Shalee) |  “How quickly time goes. I just want her to slow down.”


Some people care too much, I think it’s called love.

:Winnie the Pooh:




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  1. Grandma Helen

    I think I am the luckiest lady on earthe to have three such wonderful children. My boys have chosen the most amazing women for their wives and in turn I have the most awesome grandchildren on earthe. Tanner you are absolutely the best, not to be outdone teenager. Joe is such a good looking and well behaved young man. Kate, you are the essence of joy, so animated and special. Ascher, you are a trip and so adorable and very busy like your daddy. And AveRee, I’ve yet to meet you but I love you, you are beautiful! I love the pictures of Jeff, Shalee, Tanner, Asch and AveRee. So glad you have shared with Grandma. See you soon and I love cookie dough too!

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