southern charm

southern charm

Last summer, Hank and I went to North Carolina for a long weekend getaway and absolutely fell in love with its charm. In fact, we became so smitten that we very nearly moved our little family there. All of its rich history and old farmhouses; the millwork; the manners…all of those things spoke our language, loud and clear.

We decided, with the help of our neighbor and friend, Kristi, owner of kd design studio, to infuse some of that gentile charm into our home. Kristi and I worked together on a whole house plan – including millwork ideas, paint colors, and furniture placement – that Hank and I could begin to implement and DIY over the next several months to couple of years. Last weekend, Hank built out our dining room’s board and batten wall.

Day One:

Lots of drawing and measuring, using Kristi’s diagram as a guide and reading up a little here.

0214 vday-021



0214 vday-023 0214 vday-024 0214 vday-025

After a rough determination of materials needed, Hank headed off to Home Depot to get plywood, paint, and boards.

0214 remodel-002 0214 remodel-001 0214 remodel-003 0214 remodel-004 0214 remodel-007



2015-02-20_00010214 remodel-012


After all of the boards were placed, it was time for a coat of paint.

0214 remodel-014

If you look closely at the picture above, you’ll see that some of the plywood lifted as soon as we painted the board. Hank made another Home Depot run for wood filler and sanding supplies, and we let the paint dry overnight in order to sand the next day.

Day Two:

Wood filler, sanding, and coat of paint number two.

0214 remodel-016 0214 remodel-015 0214 remodel-042


We were so excited to see how the room would look with everything back in place that we carefully cleaned and moved everything back before the paint completely dried.

0214 remodel-044


Day Three:

With the paint completely dried, we finished loading the room and decorated for Ewan’s birthday.

0219 snocones-001 0219 snocones-002 0219 snocones-003 0219 snocones-004

We are over the moon how it turned out. Some things we learned along the way:

Paint your plywood and boards first. We painted after installing everything, and then completely spaced how much of a mess that sanding in between the coats would create. We’ll be cleaning that settled dust for weeks to come and should probably change our air filters as well.

Rip the plywood into sheets so that you can place your seams under the battens (long vertical strips of wood). This will help with that sanding-the-seams issue as well.

That’s pretty much it, if you’ve done a little homework and read up on the process. It really is a weekend project (as long as you have the right tools) for a small, contained wall like we have here. Hank is planning to continue the project into our TV room with a 4′ high board and batten treatment, and that area will include some fancy math and cutting. We’ll post that when we do, but it might be a while still.

Yay handy husbands!


Source list:

Rug: CostPlus World Market


Table: West Elm


Metal tray: flea market find (it’s a galvanized chicken feed tray)

Metal bar: CostPlus World Market

Pendant light: American Furniture Warehouse (found in-store)

Antlers: a hunting trip

Banner: homemade

Bench: homemade (with the help of Brian Martella at Atomic Forge for the base; inspired by a bench we saw in Sundance Catalog)



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