Summer has its own sweet smell. There’s a combination of too-hot children, dust, creek water, fresh grass, and something sticky that I can’t quite put my finger on. But at the end of the day, when our 5yo slips his grimy hand into mine as we walk to check their crawdad trap, I know that we are nestled in the envelope of summer.

0624 crawdads-001


As always, Todd Helton the Cat comes bounding along. He heels much better than the dogs. 

0624 crawdads-002


While a starling ratted out Todd Helton’s location and kept dive-bombing him, we met this sweet little girl along the way.

0624 crawdads-004

I’m a super sucker for any and all babies, two- or four-legged.

Her name is Luna, and she was quite pooped out after her walk.

We mustn’t, however, let ourselves become too distracted…because I have another introduction for you.

This is Larry.

0624 crawdads-005 0624 crawdads-006

Larry now lives on our back porch with quite a few buddies. They have luxurious lodging in a a large, low-profile plastic tub with it’s own air bubbler, and they feast on ground meat.

Such is my life with boys. *sigh*

My favorite part?

The view.

And yes, our 9yo lives in a baseball uniform these days…doesn’t matter if he’s playing or not.
0624 crawdads-009 0624 crawdads-008



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