The Birthday Boy.

The Birthday Boy.

Happy Birthday to our Holden! Holy bananas – we can’t believe we pulled that off. We had quite the two weeks leading up to his party with the big move and all, but you’d never know it by the permagrin on his face all evening long.

20120602 holden bday 14

We intended to have a nerf gun war, but the boys were too happy jumping on the trampoline (of which I have zero pictures, since I waited until then to bake his cupcakes OY!).

I do have pics of the dinner mayhem, however.

20120602 holden bday 2

20120602 holden bday 1

20120602 holden bday 3

Have you ever seen a sadder face?

20120602 holden bday 6

Or a cuter one?

20120602 holden bday 4

After licking his plate clean from dinner, our boy sweetly asked, “Can I open my presents now?”

Of course we obliged.

20120602 holden bday 7

20120602 holden bday 8

20120602 holden bday 9

I love how excited kids are when the presents picked out just for you are being opened. They just get so twitchy.

20120602 holden bday 10

20120602 holden bday 12

20120602 holden bday 13

And then Daddy pulled him aside to help him use his very, very special seven-year-old gift: his first pocket knife.

20120602 holden bday 5

Hank’s dad gave him one exactly like it, which he still has, on his seventh birthday.Β 

I love traditions so very much.

It called for cupcakes.

20120602 holden bday 15

20120602 holden bday 16

Dude. SEVEN candles now. You gotta commit to the blowing part.

20120602 holden bday 17

20120602 holden bday 18

20120602 holden bday 19

Our evening wrapped up with a movie in the community park, which was perfect and had low attendance due to the rainstorm prior to. It left a big open swath of field primed perfectly for a football game between those four boys. And then we took the overnighters home for a campout on the trampoline, which only offered about four hours of sleep.

Can you tell in their morning-after picture?

20120603 holden bday 23

They were tired and smelly and completely zoned out. I’ve never seen this lot so subdued. (And please excuse my artwork there in the corner – still unpacking.)

I think that this house is going to be an even happier one that the last one.Β 

Happy Birthday Holden!



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