the master bedroom reveal. {before & after}

the master bedroom reveal. {before & after}

UPDATE: Our reveal has been featured on Shutterfly! Check out all of their bedroom inspiration here.

Remember this room?

0717 move in-032

We took out this hallway…

0717 move in-029


Combined it with the room and put in two walk-in closets…

0811 farm-015

A couple of tall windows…

0817 dc-212

And now we sleep there. Usually completely exhausted. But happy.


By adding the closets, we made the once, kind of large room a much more manageable space for us. We’ve had master bedrooms before that were on the large side and realized that we just don’t use the “living area” space inside of a bedroom, so we nixed the idea and focused on adding some elements that we love.

Like barn doors.


Hank gathered some reclaimed cedar, our oldest son welded two metal strips together to create one, long slider bar, and Hank made the doors and hung them this past week.


We’ve kept things on the simple side, trying to abide by the old thought of not letting our stuff own us, but focusing on relationships instead. That being said, we’ve been thoughtful about what we do add into our decor, making sure it has meaning.

For instance, this poster. It disturbs our 10yo son so much that he can hardly look at it. It a.) delights me to no end to tease him about the naked lady on our wall, and b.) keeps that stinker out of our room. :)


And there’s this, the little red bowl that the same 10yo made a few years ago in his art class. Little hands make the awesomest things.

But I think it was supposed to be a cup or something.


My favorite daily reader right now.


And, well, the rest.












Behind those closet doors, Hank used more reclaimed wood to build in a wall of shelves in each closet, lit by a couple of industrial lights.



It’s the right amount of space for the things we need and a few things we just simply desire.


We’re still on the hunt for the perfect thing to hang above the bed. Haven’t quite come upon that yet, but will know when we do.

We also put a delay on laying hardwood floors in our room and the guest bedroom for the moment, opting for removing the old carpet and painting the subfloor in the meantime. We’re focusing on finishing out the basement, starting at the end of the month, and once we’re done there, we’ll see about the timing on those floors.

All in due time.



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  1. Melissa Yocum

    My favorite room yet! It’s perfect!! I love all of the special touches!

  2. Suzette

    The room is beautiful. The story is artful. The sentiment profound. The photography spectacular. The only thing left to say is “wow”!

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