the photography workshop

the photography workshop

It’s time. :)

I was reading this today and I knew, beyond a shadow of doubt, that it’s time. Because there was a part that said something about your gift bringing you joy and being able to say what you mean with your gift. And then a part that said something about noticing important moments and capturing them. And then another about your gift building bridges between people and going from your heart to theirs.

So I’m offering a photography workshop. And this is a very specific type of workshop, one that I’ve been waiting to announce with a lot of fanfare and a beautifully organized, creative digital brochure, but those things take me a lot of time and I’ve felt a little overwhelmed. So I move forward with great enthusiasm and an invitation instead.

Now for the who, what, when, where, and why. The who is probably you. For the parent or grandparent or auntie or uncle or weird friend wanting to take better to great and awesome pictures of the little one(s) in your life. Or your cats or dogs or each other. Pretty much if you love people, you should come. This workshop isn’t for anyone looking to start a business in photography, because we’re going to be busy with specific and beginning photography “whats” such as how to shoot in manual, creating good compositions, using natural light, shooting indoors, watching your backgrounds, organizing your digital files, some light editing (such as Aperture and Lightroom), and how to have fun with your kids and still get great shots of them.

The workshop will be in late July, details below. The where? In my home. I want to show you some things in an easy and casual round robin format, and I also want to feed you lunch. After we cover some particulars, we’ll go out together and shoot a session, because I’ll be rounding up a couple of kiddos for us to practice photographing together and review each other’s photos.

It’s a lot to cover in a little amount of time, so I’m planning to have lots of resources for you and take-aways, so that you can continue to digest things after you go home and start practicing on your own.

I’m capping this workshop at six (6) people, so please contact me early.

the photography workshop

saturday, July 27, 2013  |  9 am – 4 pm  |  snacks and lunch provided


erie colorado  |  303-249-0755

:you must own/bring a DSLR to our workshop:



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