very mini vaca.

very mini vaca.

life has so many lovelies. in my life, one of my favorite summertime lovelies is vail. it is a place to recharge, to breathe, to be quiet. a place that’s worked very hard to make it feel like you’re stepping into a european village with a bounty of flowers, cobbled walkways, lush greenery, quaint boutiques, and lots of round-abouts.

it was very different this time: we brought our own chaos and loud with us. ;)

2013-08-07_0001 0725 vail-007 0725 vail-008 0725 vail-010 0725 vail-012 0725 vail-013 0725 vail-005 0725 vail-016

sometimes, a recharge requires lots a giggles and wriggles.



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