working it out?

working it out?

The Squiggy the Chicken and Todd Helton the Cat romance is going through a development phase, I suppose. Every time Squiggy sees Todd, she can’t wait to be near him.

0804 farm-066

0804 farm-067

Todd mostly stands his ground, but still seems like she gives him the heebie jeebies.

0804 farm-068

0804 farm-069

0804 farm-070

0804 farm-071

Maybe she has Chicken Cooties.

0804 farm-074

0804 farm-076

0804 farm-077

I not-so-secretly wish that I could teach him to let her ride on his back.

0804 farm-080

0804 farm-084

The other girls, on the other hand, think that they should roost like turkeys.

0804 farm-088

0804 farm-092

0804 farm-095

0804 farm-097

Todd finds this HILARIOUS.

0804 farm-060




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