Iced coffee and the peeing tree.

You know, it isn’t necessarily that life has been busy, per se; it’s just seemed full. Morning rituals morph seamlessly into evening ones, and before we know it we’re piling under cool sheets smelling faintly of lavender soap, geranium bug spray, and some sporty sunscreen of the 50+ SPF genre.

There have been new things to try. Things like iced coffee. Who knew this would be so yummy? I had been ready to completely forego my favorite cold weather beverage for the hot summer months, and quite frankly wasn’t even missing it that much, when I came across this recipe. Then a neighbor suggested this contraption, and to be honest, I sort of blew it off. I was gonna go the PW recipe route. And then that same neighbor let us borrow the Toddy. Well. After one sip of the delicious creation, Hank looked at me with a wry smile like he’d just discovered Mayan gold, ran downstairs, and ordered our very own, set to be delivered later today. I must say…


This new beverage will be yet another great joy for me each summer as this luscious heavy heat comes back ‘round. Truly. It really is that delicious. Scrumptious. And all of those other “ious” words that would apply. Tastebud heaven.

Another new thing to try? The Regional CrossFit Games. They were a few short weeks ago, and WOW. After succumbing to slight (ok, possibly severe) lens envy (some guy sportin’ the Canon 70-200 L 2.8 IS just a couple of folks down…), I regrouped and got back to the games. I’d been working feverishly on my muscle ups for a while, and thank goodness, since they were in this WOD.

My muscle up

That’s totally me.


This would more likely be me.

20110612 Laura Droy K1008 78

Seriously amazing athletes.

20110612 Laura Droy K1008 83

Muscle ups20110612 Laura Droy K1008 117

20110612 Laura Droy K1008 115

Snatches baby.

20110612 Laura Droy K1008 120

20110612 Laura Droy K1008 121

20110612 Laura Droy K1008 122

20110612 Laura Droy K1008 126

So very cool.

Even though we’ve been trying new things, the old standbys still fit pretty well. A trip down the street to our neighborhood park left us with just the right amount of sand in our shorts.

20110614 Laura Droy K1008 134

20110614 Laura Droy K1008 132

Rendells20110614 Laura Droy K1008 135

And then? Then all of a sudden, three of the four boys congregated around the tree. You know which one. The tree so strategically placed in a little dip in the hill that it becomes the essential “peeing tree”.

20110614 Laura Droy K1008 138

Ah, to be a boy.

This one has no clue yet.

20110614 Laura Droy K1008 147

But he will. I’m hoping we’ve just bought our last package of diapers. Wish us luck.