Ewan is 4 months old!

Stats: 16 lbs, 26” long

Banner month! Ewan rolled from back to belly first on June 23rd. And, while comparing Ewan & Holden at 4 months old, Ewan is 1.5 lbs heavier and one inch longer that Holden. Holy rolls, batman.

What he likes:

  • gnawing
  • tasting food, but not really eating it
  • laughing at Hank
  • laughing at Holden
  • rolling onto his belly, but gets frustrated that he hasn’t figured how to move from there
  • “somewhere over the rainbow”
  • sleeping outside
  • bathtime
  • being naked
  • cooing like an owl (and for you to repeat it back to him)
  • smiling
would you prefer a bun or a roll?

would you prefer a bun or a roll?

What he doesn’t like:

  • being hungry
  • bottles
  • being hot
  • Holden trying to scare him
  • being squished by Holden (Holden calls those “hugs”, but Ewan makes a terrible noise)

Holden is a huge 4 year old!

big kid bike!

Stats: 43 lbs, 43 inches tall

Holdenism of the month:
“You know those sand mountains? They have dead people in them. And kings.” (talking about pyramids.)

What he likes:

  • his best friend, Ben
  • playing in the front yard, but not the back (the front has a higher probability of friends happening by)
  • negotiating his wants of the moment
  • PB&J (every day for lunch. EVERY day.)
  • showing off for princess Lucy (his neighborhood love)
  • riding his bike up hills, but not down
  • his brothers
  • new found love: Panera cinnamon crunch bagel with plain cream cheese (thank you Mommy)
  • talking. A LOT. our ears bleed at least three times a week from it.
  • and he has MAD SKILLS on the scooter these days!

What he does not like:

  • bedtime
  • rest time (in lieu of naps, now)
  • being jiggled upside down too hard
  • whatever we’re having for dinner. unless there’s ketchup.
    best friends: running through the road river after the july 4th rainshower.

    best buds: running through the road river after the july 4th rainshower.