Last night, I took some time to myself in my favorite and only spot to take some time to myself: the bathtub. I remembered how eight years ago exactly, I relaxed in the tub and tried to wrap my thoughts around this new baby, a little boy, whom we would meet in just a few hours. I remembered how it was hard to go to sleep and it wasn’t too restful. I think that Hank and I held hands all night long.

Last night, it was hard to go to sleep. And I think that Hank and I held hands all night long, at least until around 4:00 a.m. when our youngest came in and squirmed into bed with us, then reached around my neck and got real close to say,

Mom. The MOST EXCITING THING JUST HAPPENED. I got up to come in here, and our room is FILLED WITH BALLOONS.
I had to step over THREE OF THEM just to get here!

And I remembered that on our way home from our date last night, Hank made his cheeks sore and gave himself a headache from blowing up 72 balloons in our car while I drove, and then it took us about seven trips each to get them all into the house and throw them in their room.

This morning, I got up just in time to see our NEW 8YO stumble into our room with a sleepy smile and the best bedhead hair going every which way. He’s very proud to be eight. This has been a big year for him, in ways that I can’t really pinpoint, but it just feels big.

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An Interview with H.

who is your favorite person in the whole world?

Ewan, Mom, and Dad

what is your favorite color?


what sport do you like best?


what song do you love?

I don’t know, but my favorite band is Maroon 5

who is your best friend?


what do you want to do when you grow up?

Be an MLB baseball player

what is your favorite book?

Catching Fire

what are you really good at?


where would you like to go on vacation?

Arizona, for spring training

what is your favorite memory?

When we got to the Championships

what would you buy if you had $1,000?

A baseball field

where is your favorite place to eat?

Oskar Blues

who is your biggest hero?


what do you like to do best with your friends?

Play baseball

what do you hope you’ll get to do before your next birthday?

Go to the Championships again

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