99% practice.

We have the following seasons in our house: spring ball, summer ball, fall ball, and cyclocross racing.

There are two sayings in yoga: “99% practice, 1% theory,” and “Do your practice and all is coming.” I try to keep “yoga season” going throughout the year for myself as well, and I think that Hank and our 6yo are on board with that and enjoy going to class with me; the 9yo, however, is baseball all of the time.

This past Saturday, which happened to be Opening Day for the boys’ little league, someone said to my husband, “Your kid is a natural at this.” Hank smiled, and told me afterward that he wanted to say, “Oh, you don’t understand.”

He wanted to say, “This morning, he warmed up his little brother and his team with me before their game. That was about an hour between at-home and pregame warmups.”

He wanted to say, “Then he played catch for two hours with a teammate, while his little brother played his baseball game.”

He wanted to say, “When we got home, he practiced hitting on a tee at the neighbor’s house for a couple of hours.”

He wanted to say, “After that, he asked me to warm him up for pitching in his afternoon game. That was another hour.”

He wanted to say, “By the time he came to the ballfield to play this game today, he had already been playing ball for about six hours. So yeah, he’s good. But he works damn hard at it every single day. He loves the game.”

The 6yo has practice this evening while the 9yo has a game. They’re finishing up about hour #2 in the backyard this very minute.

99% practice, baby.

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