A case of the tickles.

I’ve realized lately that I take a lot of pictures of our boys at the kitchen bar or while they’re eating. I’ve also realized that this happens easily since they’re still and looking right at me, and most of the time that’s not the case.

While there, however, their imagination usually runs amok and they fold their placemats into hats and taco shells and whatever else comes to mind.

20110903 0903 Tickles 1

Generally, after their feeding frenzy and hydration, they really get things going.

20110903 0903 Tickles 2

Things like tickling. That little one has a gnarly ticklish spot behind his ears that will stop him dead in his tracks.

20110903 0903 Tickles 4

Big brother’s been watching Daddy attack and now has his own strategy.

20110903 0903 Tickles 5

When you really get him, he can’t even keep his eyes open.

20110903 0903 Tickles 8

And then it gets contagious.

20110903 0903 Tickles 10

Children are the living messages we send to a time we will not see.

:Neil Postman:

Amen, Mr. Postman, whoever you are.