a doe and a buck and a doe.

Farm terminology is confusing.

For instance, this is a doe.

0201 misc-011

She and the other doe up there (with her ear marked, “D,” for doe. Bah. The creativity astounds me.) is a Californian. Not state. Rabbit. She came with the name, “AB.” I changed it to Big Mamma. Yep. Like in The Fox and the Hound.

This is a buck.

0201 misc-012

He didn’t really come with a name, but Hank says that his “name” has to be letters. These rabbits are our breeding stock for meat, so he has to be able to track which litters come from which does and bucks.

I named him Jay-Z, but I have to spell it “JZ” to keep his weird system in order. JZ has one eyebrow. Ooh. Maybe I’ll call him, “JZ-1.” Makes him sound like he could be in Star Wars as a droid.

Anyway. Back to business.

This is a doe.

0201 misc-013

She is not Californian, but Nigerian. A Dwarf Nigerian, to be exact, and a doeling, to be exacter. Her name is, “Dot,” short for “Dorothy,” who was Hank’s paternal grandmother. Oh. And also? SHE IS A GOAT.

Do you understand my confusion?