I just realized that I neglected to post our August pictures! Shame!

I had promised Holden a little end-of-summertime ride in the paddle boats at a nearby “lake.” After mulling over the choices of a Delta Queen, a huge swan, or a green dragon, guess which one we took for a spin?

KJP 2990.jpg

KJP 2991.jpg

KJP 2994.jpg

KJP 2992.jpg

on the dock.jpg

While fun for about 15 minutes, the Terror was about ready to bail into the water, and I was having flashbacks to the time when Nick, Hank, and I were on this same lake and Hank tipped the canoe and dumped us all! Suddenly, I was with Ewan and his idea of getting back to the dock, post haste, before any tomfoolery from Hank.

All of that water made Holden and me need a bathroom break, though, and when we came back we’d lost these two to the ol’ throwing-rocks-in-the-water gig.

KJP 2995.jpg

But then the boys found climbing apparatuses. Apparati. Apparatuseseses. What is WRONG with me and plurals?!

we do our own stunts.jpg

That wily Kim the Photographer climbed that apparatathing, too. She’s nimble.

KJP 3001.jpg

But we are mighty! Holden and I schooled the rest of the fam in tumbling! Yeehaw!!

bw collage.jpg

And don’t forget Superman tricks.


After this…pooped. I think we went home, ate a cow, and slept for 15 hours.

KJP 3000.jpg

Thank you Kim Jones Photography!