I had a meeting this morning. Have you ever tried to have a meeting while juggling a 15-month-old who keeps sliding off your lap with a death grip on your fingers so that you can walk him AND an almost 5-year-old who has the lung capacity of Lance Armstrong because he’s in such good talking shape?

Well. I have.

And though I am well trained, I still am terrible at it. So I talked the meeting peeps into meeting me at Little Monkey Bizness, a Godsend spot to moms like me.

After that meeting, the boys could not wait to show me their stuff. To start, Holden kept telling me he had made a basket with himself. Having NO idea what this could possibly mean, I let him lead me into the corner jumpy castle (to make matters interesting, I was wearing a sundress, keeping an eye on the wandering Ewan, AND carrying a camera while crawling on two knees and one hand) and then tried balancing, though not so well in there, like I knew what was up (yes, I almost fell into the crack between the edge of the castle and the wall, only to be told by a dad in there to “watch out”; yeah thanks, Slick). But I did find out what Holden meant.

After a much more graceful dismount from the castle of doom, I finally found Ewan on the dance floor watching some toddler basketball.

And then watched a very guilty looking Ewan trying to escape through the window. Jeez. Would you just look at those ankle wrinkles? Trying to remember if anything has been cuter…

Finally, he settled on the huge twisty slide, which after his first ascent, he maneuvered like a pro upon deciding that “feet first” would be most appropriate for this particular downhill slope.

He is fearless when it comes to climbing up stuff and sliding down. He’s just the coolest.

It was at this point Holden called me over for a serenade. It was the classic, “Mmm Mmm went the little green frog one day…” He can actually carry a tune in a bucket, and he’s just the bomb.

Then…the window of happiness snapped shut and we had to evacuate immediately. Everyone got hungry. And after feasting on grapes and strawberries and ham-and-cheese sammies, we taught Ewan how to zerbert bellies.

He picked it up in no time, but did keep finding Holden’s belly button a worthy distraction. He even tried to zerbert his own a few times, but couldn’t quite get his lips down to rest on that cute little honey pot of a belly. This, I did not get a picture of and am a sore loser for it. It’s definitely worth another try.

And then Holden decided to play dead.

Well, until I promised to take a picture of our feet. (I still don’t know why. And wowza. Good grief, I need a pedi.)

And here are some other gems from the weekend. Ewan has discovered how to eat yogurt all by himself and is more than a little proud to do so.

He is NOT, however, a fan of the post process: washing up.

On that note, your farewell tonight comes courtesy of the Tonka truck brigade. Have a happy tomorrow.