Busy day today. The troops slept in a little, which gave me time to pack lunches and snacks for them before we headed off to yoga and a post-yoga hair appointment.

I am no longer a dark-headed brunette.

Maybe I’ll have the courage to post a pic or two very soon. But not tonight.

Today was also Book Club day and Sprouts day. So after Ewan’s nap (during which laundry was folded and Holden and I watched Julie & Julia – he’s so awesome to watch my weird movies with me), I scooped up the maniacs with promises of free cookies and an offer to help me pick out some berries and flowers for all the girls coming over tonight for Book Club. I had them at “free cookies.”

As soon as we came home from my grocery store and wine store run, Hank loaded the boys back into the car for the midweek Sprouts adventure. We love Sprouts day. It’s usually on Wednesdays, but yesterday didn’t work so well and today did. On Sprouts day, our refrigerator looks like this:

How beautiful is this? So much freshness and goodness. Makes me hungry for tomorrow.

While the male population of our household was fetching the healthy stuff, I was sweating it out in the house. There was lots of scrubbing, especially of the patio door, which Oscar likes to drag his slobbery balls across.

I bet that last line caused you to pause. I actually said that to a momma I don’t know very well the other day, then felt my face change to a lovely shade of purple as I stammered, “Um. They’re tennis balls…”

She and I became fast friends. And she changed my hair color today.

So anyway, after sweating and scrubbing and washing and showering, I threw together an uber delicious pile of berries, decanted some wine, and placed the cheese and crackers on my very lovely bamboo serving board (courtesy of my neighbor, Kristen). Then…I tossed a little vanilla extract and some raw sugar in with some heavy whipping cream and made yummy, fluffy, heavenly clouds of cream for the brownie bites and berries. Perfect Book Club treats.

Our book, “Night” by Elie Weisel, had us drifting in and out of heart wrenching evaluations of what it would mean to be a Holocaust survivor and having and losing and finding faith again; the effects and politics of racism; and protecting our children and families.

But what I loved mostly about tonight was watching the beauty of budding friendships. There’s camaraderie here that wasn’t just a few short weeks ago. And it’s lovely. Really lovely.

This couch has been renamed “The Asshole Couch.” We’ve got some hot tamales in this group. Spiciness. Spunk. Oh my heart just swells as I learn more about these girls.

And let me tell you, when the wine flows, the discussion goes!

So many different backgrounds, so many different belief systems, and so many different personalities.

I enjoy the heck out of them. And to honor the spirit of the club and these girls, my good friend Angie made us these cute bookmarks. She’s opening an Etsy store soon, so keep an eye out for her and her stuff.

Tomorrow night will open a new chapter for us. Holden is going on his first sleepover. Wish him luck. Wish us luck. And for Pete’s sake, wish the host family luck. Really, really good luck. Because if they have to field questions like I did today, they’ll need all the help they can get.

I had to explain that Superman’s strength gets zapped by Kryptonite. I am terribly inept at explaining anything superhero to a boy, especially my boy.

I think I accidentally blew his mind.

The End.